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During the Milan Design Week of 2024, Gucci, the esteemed Italian luxury fashion house, will present “Design Ancora”. This initiative by the iconic brand pays homage to Italy, celebrating its design prowess and professionisme colto.

Under the stewardship of creative director Sabato De Sarna, “Design Ancora” serves as a reverent acknowledgment of the exquisite craftsmanship intrinsic to Italian design. This ambitious undertaking features five Italian design objects, each serving as a contemporary embodiment of Italianity, even more so Milananness. Furthermore, these pieces eloquently testify to the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship.


Enhancing the sophistication of the exhibition is the collaboration with architect Guillermo Santomà, whose meticulous design of the exhibition space ensures a seamless integration with the showcased design objects.



What? Design Ancora by Gucci

Where? Monte Napoleone Flagship Store, Via Monte Napoleone 7

When? Milan Design Week 2024, 15th – 21st of April


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