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During Milan Design Week, designer Diederik Schneemann unveils his latest collection, ‘Lucky Dice’. In this distinctive furniture series, Schneemann delves into the concept of luck, questioning its existence and our ability to influence it. Across human history, we’ve placed significant importance on lucky charms and objects that we believe determine our happiness and good luck. But in the modern era, what form does the contemporary lucky charm take?

Diederik Schneemann endeavors to grasp his own fortune and secure it by embedding it within a piece of furniture. To achieve this, he engages in a ritual of tossing dice within his atelier, consistently aiming for the coveted six. Any dice that land on a different face are set aside, while those displaying a six are carefully utilized in the construction of his designer pieces.


In this manner, Schneemann has constructed a range of items including a cabinet, candleholder, sideboard, mirror and more. Apart from dice, these pieces incorporate elements of wood, resin, and brass.

Through each creation, he imparts a touch of luck to whomever becomes the eventual owner of the furniture. It’s a contemporary twist on the traditional lucky charm, infused with impeccable design.

Diederik Schneemann at Milan Design Week


What? LUCKY DICE as a part of the exhibiton RoCollectible

Where? Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Via Matteo Bandello 16


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