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At Milan Design Week 2024, British designer Faye Toogood extends a warm invitation to design enthusiasts to explore her two newest collaborative collections – Rude and Cosmic. Presented under the Rude Arts Club, both lines will converge at a distinctive venue within the vibrant landscape of the Italian city.

The furniture collection Rude marks the initial collaboration between Faye Toogood and the Italian brand Tacchini, while Cosmic represents the third collaborative carpet series between Toogood and cc-tapis.

At the Rude Arts Club, visitors will encounter a design sanctuary divided into multiple distinct spaces and rooms, each meticulously crafted and adorned to showcase Toogood’s boundless creativity. The exhibition unveils bold and unique arrangements of rugs, lamps, lounges, and sofas, offering a captivating glimpse into the designer’s innovative vision and creative brain.
Faye Toogood captivates audiences with her distinctive blend of wit and style, presenting timeless pieces of unconventional design that seamlessly merge artistry with everyday functionality.


Faye Toogood at Milan Design Week

What? Two collaborative collections by Faye Toogood: Cosmic with Tacchini and Rude with cc-tapis
Where? Piazza Santo Stefano 10
When? Milan Design Week 2024, 16th – 21st of April