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In a world where colourful interiors take precedence, wall coverings play a crucial—perhaps even defining—role. Vibrantly hued, adorned with captivating patterns, or boasting tactile textures; walls today set the tone in interior design. We highlight the four major trends in wall coverings for 2024.

‘Dopamine dressing’ is a trend that has been making waves in the fashion industry for a while now. Think of cheerful clothing and accessories that allow you to unleash your creativity and give your confidence a significant boost. In 2024, we bring the same joy to interiors, where colours and patterns stimulate your mood.

Comic books inspire both the young and the old. In 2024, they also influence interior design. Imagine bright primary colours, geometric shapes, and a convincing touch of pop art. Infuse the trend into your home and use wall coverings as a foundation.

Botanical prints have emerged from the beloved ‘cottage core’ trend and are here to stay. In contemporary and refreshed variations, they drape the walls like a lush bouquet or tropical rainforest.

Ombre was all the rage in the ’90s. For 2024, this trend of yesteryear makes a colourful comeback in our interiors and, by extension, our wall coverings.


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