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The iconic location of Italian design brand Meridiani, situated at Corso Venezia 29 in Milan, has undergone a complete redesign by Andrea Parisio, the brand’s own art director and designer. Introducing the “Meridiani House” Concept, this transformation marks the start of a new chapter in Store di Case: Meridiani’s concept book on the brand’s expertise in crafting collections that reflect the place and individuality of the people who live here.

The newly reimagined spaces of the Meridiani House at Corso Venezia 29, including a reception area, two living rooms, a dining room, a bedroom, and a terrace, have been meticulously crafted by Andrea Parisio. Delicate, muted tones serve as a serene backdrop for vibrant chromatic accents. This harmonious balance between iconic pieces and fresh 2024 designs, soft contours and geometric profiles, solidity, and lightness, creates an inviting atmosphere. Natural light floods the environment, complemented by carefully selected finishes, heightening the sense of relaxation and comfort, enveloping visitors in a reassuring ambiance.


The brand-new Meridiani House in Milan, complementing the flagship store at Via Manzoni 38, introduces an innovative concept to the brand’s showroom experience. In collaboration with international clients and retailers, Meridiani House spaces can now be tailored and adorned with the brand’s products, allowing for the expression of individual styles and local tastes.


The new concept is getting ready to launch in Northern Europe as well. In fact, in June, the city of Copenhagen will open the doors of the first Meridiani House in partnership with a long-standing client, allowing people to feel a welcoming and private aesthetic dimension, while suggesting complete design solutions and sharing the art of furnishings by Meridiani.


Visit Meridiani House at Corso Venezia 29 in Milan.