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Dutch design studio Studio Job unveils a mesmerizing solo exhibition at FuoriSalone 2024. Renowned artist Job Smeets invites visitors to immerse themselves in ‘Golden Years / Acta Est Fabulasa’: an exploration of nostalgia, material craftsmanship, and existential contemplations encapsulated within a captivating array of sculptures and artworks.

Divided into two distinct sections, the exhibition provides a comprehensive view of the designer’s illustrious career. The opening act, ‘Golden Years’, transports visitors to an era of dazzling opulence. Combining modernity with surrealism, these meticulously crafted works in polished bronze exude an air of sophistication. Yet, beneath their gleaming surfaces lies a concealed layer of depth, inviting viewers to explore beyond mere decadence.


In the subsequent act, titled Acta Est Fabula, Job Smeets offers a sombre contemplation on the transience of design. Here, the pieces take on the form of coffins, serving as reinterpretations of his own furniture designs. Through this stark symbolism, Smeets underscores his poignant message: the curtains have closed, prompting introspection on whether there remains anything left to convey.


Every artwork within the collection is imbued with rich symbolism, prompting visitors to delve deeper into contemplation regarding the fragility of time and our inexorable journey towards the mysteries of death and the unknown.


Studio Job at Milan Design Week 2024:

What? ‘Goiden Years / Acta Est Fabulasa’

Where? Dilmos Art Studio, Via S. Marco 1

When? 16th – 21st April


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