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During Salone del Mobile, V-ZUG unveils its distinctive perspective on contemporary kitchen technology and design at the very first Italian V-ZUG Studio. Through an exclusive collaboration with architect Elisa Ossino and HENRYTIMI, visitors will encounter a one-of-a-kind installation and accompanying capsule collection that seamlessly blend innovation with natural materials, showcasing the harmonious relationship between the two.

Nestled in the heart of Milan, at Piazza San Marco, the brand unveils its first Italian flagship store. Embracing the essence of V-ZUG, the brand-new V-ZUG Studio embodies a harmonious blend of modernity and timelessness. Amidst the festivities of Salone, visitors will immerse themselves in artistry curated by renowned (interior) architect Elisa Ossino and artist HENRYTIMI.


This collaborative effort extends into the unique exhibition ‘Time and Matter,’ where Ossino and HENRYTIMI engage in a dialogue exploring the interplay between human design and the intrinsic nature of materials. From ‘Time and Matter’ emerges a distinctive capsule collection echoing the same message, seamlessly intertwining modern technology and innovation with established craftsmanship. The exhibition unfolds within the exquisite setting of the Pinacoteca di Brera in the Sala della Passione.



V-ZUG at Milan Design Week

What? ‘Time and matter’

Where? V-ZUG Studio, Piazza San Marco 4  

When? During Salone del Mobile.Milano, 15-21 April


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