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Burning a candle can not only create a cosy atmosphere, but it also adds a unique decorative layer to any space or interior. Audo Copenhagen introduces a brand-new collection of unscented candles in various colours and elegant shapes.

The Spire Smooth Tapered Candle is a rather understated candle, designed as a variation of the traditional tapered candle. The slender shape has been made extra-long for an extended burning time. As the name of the collection suggests, the candles are unscented, allowing them to remain subtly yet sophisticated in the background. The Spire Smooth Candle is available in a set of six and in three different colour palettes: ochre, ivory, or neutral.

Audo Copenhagen also introduces the Twist Tapered Candle. This delicate candle has an architectural shape, creating an almost moving effect. Always available in a set of four and with the choice of a warm, ivory, or neutral colour palette.