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Now that summer has arrived, we dream of long warm days and nights in a Paola Lenti environment. Those who visited her during the Salone Del Mobile will know: Paola is opening her first flagship store in her beloved Milan, covering 4000 m2 in the Maciachini district, a vibrant and multicultural suburb in northern Milan. Here, a large industrial complex has been transformed into a bioecological architectural site, reflecting the company’s aesthetic sensibility and ethical commitment, which have become its defining characteristics.

The revitalization of this urban area and its reintegration into the city fabric, while preserving the architectural heritage of the district, exemplifies an entrepreneurial and design ethos that fully embodies the values underlying Paola Lenti’s philosophy: the creation of new beauty from existing resources.

This space, located away from the traditional fashion and design districts, represents a bold and conscious choice, reflecting Paola Lenti’s aspiration to offer the city more than just a furniture store. It aims to engage not only industry professionals but also the citizens of Milan, becoming a true urban oasis that promotes and embraces the concept of a “dispersed city,” where each neighborhood possesses its own identity, quality, and capacity to inspire.


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